“Seriously, you need a personal blog, because I cannot keep up with all of the random recipe links that you send, plus your modifications.”  And, with that encouragement, this blog was born.

I’m a natural born eater, but not that inventive in the kitchen.  Thankfully, ninja-like google skills and ability to follow directions have served me well so far.

How do we eat?

While many of my recipes are paleo/primal/gluten-free/dairy-free/low sugar/etc., or easily made so, we don’t belong to any particular camp. We try to eat food that is nourishing, tastes delicious, and supports our local community. For us, this means eating what is in season and procuring locally-sourced food as much as possible. We love that living in Charlottesville, VA, means great access to local meats and produce. (Especially as my dreams of gardening glory have been, so far, sadly unfulfilled.) Our favorite local resources are Bellair Farm and Horse & Buggy Produce for produce; Wolf Creek Farm for beef; and The Organic Butcher and JM Stock Provisions for a wide selection of high quality meat. Reid Market also makes our daily lives significantly easier: it’s centrally located (on the way home from the gym!) and is small enough to navigate quickly, but large enough to have just about everything we might need.

Have a recipe you want me to try? Email me.

Want to come workout with us? Check out Solidarity CrossFit and schedule a free one-on-one intro session.


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  1. Hey – I told Michael about this and he said to message you. Try the new butcher next to Bella’s on main street – j&m stock provisions. Really good. Super nice guys. And the bacon and sausage. So good. It’s my new favorite errand.

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