A fairly typical meal

We often get questions from members about how we eat. And we don’t have a sexy, exciting protocol to tell people.

Quite frankly, there is no single solution. There are a myriad of ways to eat healthfully, and the best way is to figure out something that works for you and your preferences, your lifestyle, and your overall goals. Quality and quantity of food both matter, and what works for you will be the method that allows you to go about your day-to-day without constantly thinking about whether it fits into your diet. Your diet and eating habits will be just that: habits. It might take a bit to learn the preferences and patterns you want to accumulate, but eventually they become pretty internalized.

We eat everything, but we don’t generally keep lots of snack foods or sweets in the house. Most of our meals are based around meats, vegetables, and potatoes, rice, and legumes. With the exception of the week I decided to sample every pie at the Pie Chest, we typically don’t eat much dessert. If we have a sweet craving, I try to have fruit on hand so I can do baked or grilled fruit, but our preferences are typically more savory than sweet. (Donuts? Eh. Nachos? YEAH!)

So what does this look like in practice? You’ve seen a lot of meals already on the blog, and, with a few exceptions, everything here is something I’ve personally cooked and eaten. Most dinners and lunches follow a rough template:

  • Starch – 1-2 servings of starchy foods like potatoes (white or sweet), quinoa, rice (white or brown), or beans. I eat closer to 1 serving while Michael eats closer to 2. That is, I might have between 1-1.5 cups of cooked rice, while Michael will have a little less than 2.
  • Meat – 1-2 servings of protein. As above, I typically eat more like 3-5 ounces (cooked) while Michael has 5-7 oz.
  • Colorful Veggies – About as many non-starchy veggies as we want. I tend to like veggies and salad more than Michael, so here is where I typically eat a little more than he does.

Here’s a recent plate. It was a summer plate, so it’s filled about halfway with a giant salad. The rest is fleshed out with a large roasted sweet potato and a small turkey burger.

Dinner Plate


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