After sending out an e-mail about the upcoming Whole Life Challenge, I received a few questions. There are some in-depth resources from the WLC headquarters here, but here are some more details about how to play, what it is, and who can participate for the Solidarity CrossFit team:

How do you play?

The Whole Life Challenge is based on a series of daily practices or habits. A large portion is centered around nutrition and dietary choices, but that is by no means the only part of the challenge. There are 7 daily habits.

Nutrition0 to 5 points per day for food choices. You choose your level of play (see the levels here) and you deduct one point for each non-WLC-compliant food choice.You can’t go negative. (Not encouraging falling off the wagon, but you aren’t going to dig yourself a hole you can’t climb out of. Nutrition is important, but it’s not the ONLY part of the challenge. It’s not even half of total points.)

Exercise – 10 minutes or more per day (2 points). What counts as exercise?Intentional physical activity. Whether it’s CrossFit, a recovery walk, a yoga class, or an at-home workout, all you have to do is intentionally move for 10 or more minutes.

Stretching – 10 or more minutes per day (2 points). Stretches and mobility are your choice – find your business! If you do yoga for mobility and exercise, you have to do 20+ minutes (no double-dipping).

Water – 1/3 of your bodyweight in ounces of water each day (1 point). If you weigh 150 pounds, this means 50 ounces of water.

Supplement – supplement of choice (1 point). Prescription medicines do not count here! I personally am not big into supplements, and I’m not going to take something just “because.” If you, like me, don’t have a supplement you’re interested in taking,you can substitute a habit of your choice that you are trying to build. How to do that? Give yourself a “yes” on supplement use if you do it for that day.

Lifestyle1 point per day for completing the lifestyle challenge. This is a rotating challenge and is everything from sleep to gratitude.

Reflection 1 point per day for recording your score and writing a short reflection.

You must record your score daily for it to be counted in the overall game. This is not to discourage you for forgetting a score. Rather, it is meant to encourage daily reflection and accountability. The most enjoyable part is reading and responding to other people’s reflections!

Is this about being perfect for 8 weeks?

NO! In fact, the WLC scoring is explicitly built to encourage participation and allow for being perfectly imperfect (aka human). For example

  • For every 7-day period where you lose 3 or fewer nutrition points, you earn 2 “Indulgence Tokens” that essentially give you 2 bonus points to use any time you record fewer than 5 nutrition points.
  • For every 10-day period where you exercise every day, you earn a “Rest Day Token” that allows you to take a day off and still receive 2 points for exercise on that day.

With both types of Bonus Tokens, you can save them, but having extra bonus tokens in the bank doesn’t bump up your total score.

You keep talking about scoring…how does this all work?

The WLC is a game…and what fun is a game without prizes!? We try to give out small prizes throughout the challenge and a big one for the overall winner. The overall winner is determined by 3 factors:

  • 50% of total ranking is based on daily play, that is, your points
  • 25% is based on workout improvement (percentage improvement on the baseline workout)
  • 25% is based on body composition improvement (percentage improvement on the baseline workout).

Alright, I’m interested in getting started. What do we do to get set?

First, you need to sign up here.

Then, we’ll do our WLC kick off this Saturday, January 17th at 0900. We’ll take measurements and do a baseline workout. (This is a FREE event for anyone who wants to join in; if you have friends and family members who are interested in the WLC, please bring them!).

If you can’t attend, you can make up the baseline on Thursday or Sunday. Or, you can do it at home (the baseline is always a no equipment bodyweight workout so that you can do it from anywhere).

After that, it’s game on! I have a bunch of resources at Solidarity Eats for meal plans and tips, and I’ll be sending out a few more details later this week.

Can my friends and family members play?

Absolutely! They don’t have to be a member of CrossFit to play in the WLC and be on the Solidarity team. The more people you have in your life doing this, the easier it is to stay motivated, share tricks, and help support each other.

Please e-mail me at becky@solidaritycrossfit.com if you have any other questions. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!


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