Recent Discoveries

A few of my favorite new finds:

Al Carbon Chicken

I LOVE Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken, and was so glad when I heard about Al Carbon. The chicken was falling off of the bone and filled with flavor. With numerous sides to choose from and cute decor, you should definitely check it out if you’re in town.

Al CarbonNewman’s Own Fra Diavolo Pasta Sauce

If you’ve ever gone hunting for a jar of pasta-sauce on the WLC, you know it’s hard to find a sauce that is free from added sugar, soybean oil, and doesn’t cost $8+ a jar! So, I was thrilled to discover Newman’s Own Fra Diavolo while at Whole Foods the other week. Many of the other Newman’s Own pasta sauces had soybean oil, but this one stuck with olive oil. It’s not quite as tasty as Rao’s, but I do love saving $5/jar.

For another affordable sauce free from sugars and soybean oil, check out Trader Joe’s Puttanesca.

IMG_20140912_104709941 IMG_20140912_104701974

Trader Joe’s Fruit Bars

When I see fruit bars at Trader Joe’s, I normally think of glorified fruit roll-ups. These, however, are more like a Lara Bar. They really are just fruit. Apple + coconut means…apple + coconut. Apple + strawberry similarly only includes 2 ingredients.


Having tried the apple/coconut bar, I can say they’re delicious. And, they’d probably be pretty straightforward to DIY at home with a food processor.

Paradox Pastry Coffee Options

If you want milk in your coffee, your options are heavy cream and half & half. That’s it. LOVE.

IMG_20140912_093027789Seriously. Few things are better than heavy cream in your coffee.


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