My Kitchen Helper

Oh hey there, who’s this?

MaggieThis little fur-face is an ever-present kitchen “helper,” always willing to find scraps, help clean out bowls…i.e., constantly underfoot, but super cute.

Today, however, Maggie’s looking particularly pitiful, her gaze intently fixed on the stove.

Pitiful Maggie“What’s that aroma?” you say? Well, your canine sense are working well, because I’m making some stovetop pork carnitas.

And no, they’re not for you. (Sorry, girl.)

Stovetop CarnitasBig hunks of pork tossed with a hefty dose of spices (cumin, cayenne, garlic, and a bit of coriander) and some salt are bathed in citrus juices (lemon and lime, here) and water and given a long, slow cook on the stove. The acids in the citrus help break down the meat. After an hour or two, the magic really happens, as the water evaporates and the meat browns in its rendered fat, with slight caramelization of citrus juices (especially if you are non-WLC-ing it and using orange juice, like this recipe).

Although my four-footed helper doesn’t care, the onions, hot peppers, and beans I cooked up in a cast iron skillet are a mighty fine accompaniment for the pork. As is a (generous) dollop of guacamole.

Skillet Beans and OnionsYum. Good eats for days.

Carnitas and Beans 


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