Kale Chips: A Review & A Recipe

Review: Trader Joe’s Zesty Nacho Kale Chips (WLC Compliant!)

Browsing Trader Joe’s last night, I came across this bag:

TJ Zesty Nacho Kale ChipsI’m a bit suspect of items at Trader Joe’s, as it’s really a snack shop masquerading as a grocery store, although I do love a few of their items enough to make a special trip (unsweetened dried mango, crunchy almond butter, and Vahlrona 85% dark chocolate).

But, I was in a snacky  mood, and these intrigued me, so I flipped the bag over, and the ingredients were totally legit. Check it out:

Image from mealsurvivor.blogspot.com

Kale, some nuts and seeds, and various dehydrated vegetable powders and seasonings are the only ingredients, making it completely WLC compliant for those of you on the challenge.

In the pursuit of knowledge, I plunked down the $3.99 for a bag (pretty steep for 2 servings, but I gave it a pass because of the ingredients. Cashews are expensive!).

Verdict? So…my first reaction was “Eh?” I felt like there wasn’t much crunch and the few chips I ate seemed to have an overwhelming flavor of cashew. But, in the interest of surety, I gave them another try tonight…and found them delicious! Maybe I got a weird chip or two, maybe I’m crazy, but the flavor today was much “zestier” and not nearly as cashewy. If you see them at Trader Joe’s, give ’em a try and see what you think!

Recipe: Rather than buy kale chips, DIY! You DO have to clean up after yourself, but you can play with flavors to your liking, plus you get the added bonus of eating them fresh and crispy.

Try these Dorito Kale Chips for a fun, WLC-compliant snack.

Doritos Kale Chips


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