WLC Meal: Greek Feast

In a change from the previous WLC, Michael and I are doing this one at an intermediate level. This is the subject of a much longer, non-recipe-related blog post that has been marinating for the last few months, but, the takeaway is that I’ll be posting a wider variety of recipes this time around. And, unlike last time, I’ll be incorporating legumes into menus more frequently.

While I won’t be posting up weekly meal plans, grocery lists, and cook ups this go-round, I will be regularly posting new recipes and meal ideas, with an eye towards big cook ups that will feed you well for a few days. On the menu this week? A Greek-inspired feast of:

  1. Greek Meatballs from Health-Bent (I did all beef and omitted mint)
  2. Hummus from Inspired Taste (x1.5)
  3. Quinoa Pilaf with Pine Nuts from The Food Network
  4. Roasted Vegetables inspired by The Wednesday Chef (I used the veggies I had on hand and subbed in a sweet potato for the potato)

Doing advanced WLC? Try this greek-style lima bean recipe instead of the quinoa pilaf.

Strict paleo? Try this cauliflower “couscous” salad instead of quinoa and this fabulous faux-mus recipe instead of hummus.

WLC Greek FeastWhile I dirtied a decent amount of dishes, this was probably one of the least stressful cook up sessions I’ve done in awhile and the results were delicious. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Set oven preheating to 350 and zested my lemon (setting the de-zested lemon aside for the hummus). Then I made the meatballs and popped them into the heated oven.
  2. Chopped, chopped, chopped at a colorful array of vegetables and prepped them for roasting while the meatballs were cooking.
  3. When the meatballs were done, I bumped the oven up to 375 and put the veggies in, then set to work making my quinoa pilaf and the hummus.

The best part about this meal plan was that it lent itself supremely well to piling things into bowls/containers to toss into lunches throughout the week. I put the hummus in a mason jar for Michael to take to work and then parceled out quinoa pilaf and roasted veggies into containers, topping each pile with meatballs.

Actually, the best part of this weekday prep was the Monday afternoon text I received from Michael:

That lunch was amazing. You put Sticks [kebab shop] to shame!

Victory is mine.


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