Hot Dogs & Burgers

And corn, oh my.Image

Keeping things simple generally means sticking with straightforward flavor combinations that I know work well. It also means a LOT of grilling. Not only does the grill yield delicious results, it’s so easy to clean up!

I set my grill to heating and got my corn ready. After shucking it, I went with my standard corn seasonings–butter, cayenne, salt, and pepper–and wrapped it in foil to go directly on the grill.Corn for grillingNext, I rinsed some green beans, de-stemmed them and broke them into bite size pieces, and diced up a tomato. I tossed those in a bowl and then mixed some walnut oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper (and cayenne) together as a quick dressing.

While I was prepping these, Michael formed the ground beef from our family pack into four burger patties. I liberally seasoned the patties with Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, cayenne, salt, and pepper before they went on the grill with the hot dogs.

Burgers(We also sliced up some Kerrygold Irish cheese to add to Michael’s burgers).IMG_1543The burgers were a little fattier than my normal ground beef, and I briefly feared for my eyebrows when flames shot up from the grill during flipping. (Thankfully, they remain intact and unsinged.)Time to eat!What’s your go-to burger seasoning?


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