Pre-WLC Freezer Stocking

You’ve learned the rules, now to make it easier for you to follow them…

At some point during the 8 weeks of the upcoming Whole Life Challenge, there will be a time when you know you will be/feel too busy to cook dinner one night (or two…or three…). This might even be how you feel most days. You may already think to combat this by keeping your pantry stocked with emergency protein (tuna, sardines, etc.) and tasty fats (EVOO, nuts), and your refrigerator filled with fresh produce for quick and easy salads. I encourage you to start thinking about stocking your freezer, too.

Though I try to regularly plan and pre-prep for the week ahead of me, I never gave much thought to what would happen beyond 4-6 days out. The idea of stocking my freezer with anything other than some jars of stock and the occasional excess soup was something I didn’t do until recently.

It is pretty miraculous.

So, set aside a few hours this coming weekend, grab a pack of Ziplocs and a Sharpie, and get your freezer ready. I have a grocery list for you, recipes (most of which I’ve tried and approve), and a basic set of instructions.

A few notes before we begin:

  • Most of these recipes will create about 6 servings, or enough for about 3 meals for 2 people. Have fewer or more people in your household? Adjust accordingly.
  • You will need a slow cooker for some (but not all) of the recipes! If you don’t have one, I highly recommend that be your next kitchen purchase. (This is the one I use and love.)
  • Like this idea? Go check out Stuff I Make My Husband for her Whole30 compliant freezer stocking posts (she has both one month and one week posted). Not all Whole30 compliant recipes will be WLC compliant, but just be careful with label reading and you should be okay.

The Recipes

  1. Crispy Roast Chicken with Artichokes and Turnips from Stuff I Make My Husband
  2. Make Ahead Salmon with Green Beans from Stuff I Make My Husband
  3. Lamb Burgers from Steamy Kitchen
  4. Slow Cooked Coconut Ginger Pork from Mark’s Daily Apple (haven’t tried this, but looks pretty no fail and comments were promising)
  5. Double batch of Moroccan Chicken Soup adapted from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook

The Grocery List is accessible in a PDF here: Solidarity Eats WLC 2013 Freezer Stock Grocery List.

Putting it all together…

I estimate that putting these together should not take much longer than an hour. There is minimal dicing/chopping, and maximal “throwing things into a bag with some spices.” I have two meatball recipes (one Italian, one Tex-Mex!) that I will share for a future post, as they are not more difficult technically, but are more labor intensive with chopping and forming the balls.

Here are your step by step instructions to get your freezer filled with deliciousness: Solidarity Eats Whole Life Challenge Freezer Stock Recipes.

I hope this helps!


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