Barbacoa Grits Bowl

Looking for a quick, delicious way to spice up breakfast? (Or dinner…or lunch…really, don’t put particular food stuffs in a meal time corner). Here are 5 easy steps to meal-time nirvana that will either feed you and your closest 6 friends or last for a few days.

Barbacoa Grits Bowl

Day before:

Step 1: Make a giant crock pot of barbacoa beef. I halved this recipe from The Kitchn and subbed in chuck roast for brisket and omitted the cloves (we’re anti floral).

Step 2: Take the half of your red onion from step 1 and quick pickle some red onions (I used a generous splash or two of extra spicy Valentina hot sauce). You can do this 20 minutes before eating, but why not do it while your knife, cutting board, and onion are still out?

Step 3: Wash and coarsely chop some of your extra cilantro from step 1 so you have ready-made toppings. Again, prep while the prepping stuff is out – no need to dirty twice!

Day of:

Step 4: Make a giant pot of grits.* You aren’t going to eat it all today, so make enough for leftovers for another 3 days. *If you are diabetic or trying to low-carb, or sensitive to corn products, substitute cauliflower mash instead!

Step 5: Put grits in bowl and top with barbacoa, pickled onions, and cilantro.

Bonus Step: Put an egg on it.



5 thoughts on “Barbacoa Grits Bowl

  1. FYI, La Taza coffeehouse in Belmont has a great breakfast to go called “breakfast in cup” which is a layered cup of grits, meat of your choice (I recommend sausage but bacon or chorizo are good too) cheese if you want (pepper jack if I’m feeling like cheese) and then an egg on top done how you choose (I recommend the “over easy” option so the yolk melts through and mixes nicely with the grits and meat…)

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