So many activities!

Holy smokes! The past two weeks have zipped by in a blur (a very happy blur, filled with new business, new friends, and new activities), leaving my routine homeostasis completely out of whack.

Why so hectic? Michael and I opened the doors to Solidarity CrossFit on Thursday, November 1. This was the culmination of 4 years of “thinking about it” and two years of planning while he finished out his Marine Corps service. We are so excited to have built the gym that we want, and to already have so many amazing athletes as part of our community. However, it’s added a few demands to the schedule, and with my brain at somewhere between 5 and 25% of full operating capacity, most of my recent cooking adventures have been plagued by mishaps, i.e. accidentally cooking a breakfast casserole for an extra 30+ minutes (oh, styrofoam eggs, how sad you make me) and not remembering that thick cut pork steaks need to be cooked for longer than I cook my bloody beef steaks (mmm, parasites). Too many meals lately have been cobbled together between 9-10 p.m. And, at that point, I’m more concerned about getting food into my face than writing down any exciting creations and trying to photograph things.

So, how to troubleshoot when things get totally crazy?

  1. PLAN! (and stock your fridge). The worst thing I did was failing to load up on produce/meat before things got busy. Once we were slammed, I felt like I only had time to run to the grocery store and grab what I needed each night to make a quick (and late) dinner. After doing a massive stock–buying more than I will use in a few days so that there are options–this week has been much more flexible.
  2. K.I.S.S.– “Keep it Simple, Stupid!”. Roasted vegetables + baked sweet potato + meat on the grill = delicious, nutritious, and not overwhelming.

    chop veggies + EVOO + salt + pepper + heat=magic

  3. Pre-make breakfast. These days, one, or both of us, are out the door by 6:15 a.m. Getting up early to make breakfast is really not a viable option. Super flexible, “save the day” breakfast casserole to the rescue!
  4. Unrelated to saving time (but, kind of related, as, if time is money…money is time?) – I found two ways to save a few $$ at Whole Foods: a) pork shoulder steak = meaty (and fatty) and delicious and half the price of pork chops – ask the butcher to cut you a piece off the Boston butt if they aren’t in the case; b) Need more than 1-1.5# of an item but they are only selling it in little packages? (Nicely) Ask the butcher if he’ll combine it into a family pack for you; you’ll save $0.50/pound.

Here’s to a little breathing room and some real recipes in the next few days. I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes–and revisiting old favorites–for Thanksgiving!


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