Planning with the Produce Box

Fall is here! Woohoo! Instead of tomatoes and summer squash, today I’ll be picking up a box filled with some of my favorite things: sweet potatoes, beets, kale, and onions. Plus, we get a pie pumpkin; I think last year I may have used mine as decoration (for shame…) and aim to be more successful this time around.

What to do with this fall bounty? Decisions, decisions…

Here’s my plan for 2 dinners (with leftovers for lunches the following day):

  1. Wednesday (aka tonight!): Beef stew variant – tentatively inspired by an Afghan lamb stew recipe. I want to use some of our frozen stew meat and use up the spinach in the fridge and some of our tomatoes from last week’s produce box. For dessert/side? Roasted pumpkin.
  2. Thursday: Cider-braised pork chops; these have the added bonus of taking advantage of some (hopefully still good) apple butter from a very old produce box. Let’s not get into details on how old it might be. If it passes the smell test, it’s going in. I plan to round out the meal with roasted sweets and beets and some sauteed kale.

This is my first week ordering the “medium” sized produce box. Historically, our “basic weekly shares” lasted us 2-3 days of eating. Some items would last through the week, but the bulk was gone within a few meals. I’m curious to see the increase in volume – hopefully we’ll have more than I anticipate!


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