The Scraps: Recipe Round Up

I tried some new things this week, and returned to some old stand-bys, as well. Here are my favorites, and some of the ways I tweaked them.

  1. BBQ’d Okra. There are certain foods I love that are just weird when you stop to think about them: okra, for one. It is a seed pod! And a goopy one at that. But, stir-fried with some Indian spices, dropped into some gumbo, or battered and fried (shhhh), it’s delicious. Now I can add BBQ to the many ways to cook okra. I omitted the sugar and celery seed from this spice rub, skewered the okras, and grilled on high for 2 min each side. Superb! I used the leftover rub mixture on some potatoes later in the week.
  2. Thai Food from, aka the best recipe collection of Thai food on the internet. Last summer, while living in San Diego, I decided to take advantage of the great access to Asian supermarkets and tested my hand at a few Thai recipes. After a few searches, I found that recipes from Darlene Schmidt’s Thai recipe webpage were consistently amazing. Normally, I omit the sugar (yeah, it is screwing with the notion of “balance” but still tastes great!), use whatever veggies I have on hand, and use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce. While I have been coveting some Red Boat fish sauce, I have about 1.5L of Tiparos that I’ll need to use up before I can make that splurge…so bring on the Thai cooking! This week we made green curry with chicken and lime chicken stir fry.

    Green Curry Chicken over cauliflower

  3. Serious Eats: Condiment Chili for Hot Dogs/Hamburgers. For our date night this week, we tried to re-create a taste of Michael’s youth (chili cheeseburgers from Ward’s Grill in Whiteville, NC), but update it to please me. Enter, Serious Eats condiment chili. (I omitted all of the optional ingredients, as well as the sugar.) Although I essentially pepper-sprayed us when I pureed the chili peppers for the sauce, the end result was totally worth it. Not a chili you would eat on its own, but a great condiment for burgers, dogs, and fries (alas, we did not try chili fries…next time!). Michael declared the experiment a success, and the remainder of the weekend involved at least one chili topped meal a day.

Hot Dogs: His & Hers

Any recent finds or old favorites that you recommend?


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